Stockholm: reflections & opportunities of living in an emerging cycle city

I love Stockholm life on a bicycle: for the exercise; for interactions with my city and fellow citizens; for the opportunity to witness ongoing changes in transport infrastructure – and improvements to cycle lanes. Not least for the chance to reflect on the splendour of autumn evenings. Below are a few thoughts from a recent bike ride home, pausing for a moment to enjoy a wonderful benefit of bicycle transportation: to stop spontaneously and absorb my city in all its glory.

Every single day, sometimes several times a day, I cycle up Slussen hill in Södermalm.

With my rusty chain & 3-speed bicycle, I’m always happy when I crest that hill, rarely turning around to take in the beauty of that spot: a transport hub undergoing transition, dividing the Baltic Sea from Lake Mälaren.

Tonight though, with the orange horizon kissing the day goodnight, I noticed several tourists pulling out their cameras.

I looked back, thankful for their bright, fresh eyes that see Stockholm’s marvel anew: What a Beautiful City!

How happy I am to explore it, especially by bike: stopping as I please to take in moments like this.

Thank you dear visitors: for reminding me how spectacular Stockholm’s skyline truly is. 

Stockholm nights


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