Amsterdam & Utrecht: beautiful bicycle parking

Amsterdam is running short on bike parking, despite efforts to continuously expand it, creating a ‘problem’ that few city planners could dream of. This cycling mecca has too many rush hour commuters clogging up its bike lanes, and not enough bike parking once they hop off.  To tackle Amsterdam’s bike parking challenge, the city uses old shipping barges turned floating cycle-parking garages, builds underground two-tiered parking at… Read More Amsterdam & Utrecht: beautiful bicycle parking

City cyclist superstars

Cites like Amsterdam & Copenhagen have turned their cyclist reputations into a marketable concept: enter Amsterdamize and Copenhagenize, featuring dedicated bicycle experts and consultants that draft city cycling blogs and run research projects associated to the concept of urban cycling. Copenhagenize recently released their 2013 Bicycle-Friendly Cities Index, featuring many cities that I have either lived in or cycled… Read More City cyclist superstars