Amsterdam: Full Circle Harvest

January may seem like an odd month to post about urban agriculture undertakings in the Northern Hemisphere; but it’s now that preparations for our community plot are under way. In fact, last January (2013) I first became involved with a new urban agricultural plot in Amsterdam – and inspired by our own resident finch, it’s… Read More Amsterdam: Full Circle Harvest

Copenhagen & Malmö: Scandinavian sustainability superstars

I was recently in Copenhagen, Denmark for the Nordic Environmental Social Sciences Conference. Afterwards, I took a few days to return to one of my all-time favorite sustainability stars – Malmö, Sweden.  Having studied and worked in Southern Sweden, I always enjoy returning ‘home’ and remain fascinated by how these two cities continue to drive… Read More Copenhagen & Malmö: Scandinavian sustainability superstars

Stockholm: local food cravings in the city

Stockholm is often referred to as one of Europe’s greenest cities – in terms of environmental policies, its attitude and ethics, advanced (and efficient) public infrastructure and close proximity to nature. It was the home of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, paving the way to some of the today’s environmental governance… Read More Stockholm: local food cravings in the city

Amsterdam: urban food revolutions | power to the pieper (potato)

Food logistics & food trade are complicated issues these days and they don’t always make sense. In the Netherlands for example, almost as many potatoes are imported as exported: there are strict guidelines which often prohibit Dutch farmers from selling potatoes inside the country. As a result, it may be easier to buy potatoes from… Read More Amsterdam: urban food revolutions | power to the pieper (potato)