4 thoughts on “How bikes can save the world (starting with our health)

  1. Hi! I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, and I’m an architecture student. Your blog is very interesting! I wish São Paulo was a sustainable city. One of the biggest problems of my city is mobility. Over the last years, government is investing in bike paths. However, the city has a really hard topography, so cycling is not an attractive way to move. It’s a big challenge for us to improve green solutions like that. So, how do you think we can “remove” cars of the streets and replace them for an ecologic transport?

    1. Hi Hyago!
      Nice to hear from you. I also come from a hilly city (Seattle) and understand the challenges. Like many US cities, Seattle also has to grapple with a city planning structure that is spread out, sometimes making cycling more difficult. That being said, people can carry their bikes on racks on the front of buses. This helps with getting up the hills or in busier areas. (I think I have a picture of this on my blog somewhere about Seattle…) Of course public transport is always an option. Medellin (Colombia) and I believe La Paz (Bolivia) have made use of gondolas to get to higher areas in the city – in particular to ensure safe and fast public transportation alternatives in low income neighborhoods with narrow and steep roads. There are many options, but of course it is difficult. I think the best version is a combination of ideas – biking, walking, public transportation – as well as engaged and persistent support from civil society and local governments to put this issue on the agenda. Thanks so much for your comment! I’d love to see São Paulo some day!!! Maybe even by bike!? 😉

    2. Hi Hyago! I’m sorry for my very late response!!!! I’ve been so busy with work these days and have not given my blog the attention it deserves. I miss it! 🙂 In any case, you ask a good question, and I’m not sure I have the right answer… but I think a mix of mobility options, away from the car is best. What is the geography of São Paulo? Does it make cycling more difficult? Or is the layout of the city. There are great examples out there. I’ve been learning more and more about tactical urbanism. Perhaps an interesting approach to consider? I’m happy to send some information if interested!

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