Paris: big, green & bicycle-friendly

People go to Paris for different reasons: for fashion, for shopping, for museums or monuments, for romance or for fun. We took the train from Amsterdam to Paris (as it were, for the final leg of the Tour de France). It was a sunny summer Parisian weekend, good for exploring the city’s highlights.  In addition to the famous monuments and shopping districts, Paris is also a city of fantastic markets, numerous parks and green spaces, small gardens, an expansive metro system and an excellent bicycle-sharing system – the Velib, featuring some 200,000 bicycles and 1,800 bicycle docking stations throughout the city. My favourite thing about Paris is exploring its urban planning strategies and its high quality (outdoor) public life by meandering down its allies, trying out its markets or testing its growing bicycle infrastructure.  Some of these and other reasons reflect Paris’s cultural & environmental sides – highlighting the city’s own green charm and its high quality of life.

Paris green spaces: Montmartre, Paris
Paris green spaces  (amidst the wider city): Montmartre, Paris
Painters in Paris: Montmartre
People watching & quality of life: Parisian Painters, Montmartre
Montmarte musicians
People watching & quality of life: Montmartre musicians
People watching, Paris
People watching & quality of life: Walkability in the city streets
People watching: Lazy Sunday lounging, Parisian style.
People watching & quality of life: Lazy Sunday lounging, Parisian style…
Market meander
Market meander
Parisian market
Parisian market
2012-07-22 12.01.33
Paris green spaces: Small green & edible corners
Yoga in the park
Staying fit in the city: Yoga with a view – Jardin du Luxembourg
Capoeira in the park
Staying fit in the city: Capoeira in the park – Jardin du Luxembourg
Parisian bike lanes
Family friendly: while its larger avenues still require a bit of bravery on the bike (they are improving…) Many of its neighbourhood streets are safe for pedestrians, children – and bikes
Velib bikes
Bike-friendly: Paris has over 200,000 Velib rental bicycles; introduced in 2007, these bikes have also influenced the growth in city cycling as a whole and cycling infrastructure (better bike lanes, bike parking, etc.)
Cycling, Paris style
Joining the locals: Paris is quickly becoming a cycle city

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