Copenhagen cycle culture through North American eyes…

Admittedly I’m North American – proudly from Seattle.  However, after 10 years living in Budapest, Malmö, Nairobi & Amsterdam and with a Swedish mother, I’ve become a modge-podge of sorts: European as much as anything, especially in my transportation habits. I haven’t driven in 10 years and anymore I’m scared to get behind the wheel. But I love my bicycle – bicycles, I have 4 of them;  and a name for each one. Besides (and proudly) some of the cities I have learned to call “home” are recognized as Europe’s top cycling cities. Amsterdam, currently “home” is almost always ranked 1 (or sharing the title with Copenhagen.)  Budapest and Malmö are often in the top 10.  But in such cities, cycling is easy. It’s a combination of mixed-use urban planning and densification strategies that ensure that high quality urban life is just a short cycle ride a way, the right cycling infrastructure (e.g. segregated bike lanes that keep you safely away from cars, air pumps, cycle parking) and certainly, a mindset. Cycling is the most common mode of transport, yet remains the cooler option.

Without rehashing statements I’ve shared previously (yes, I love my bicycle-lifestyle) here are what North American transport planners have to say about Copenhagen’s Cycle City. Indeed, it’s pretty epic…

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