NYC’s Metamorphosis: reducing cars, increasing livability

When conjuring up images of New York City’s transportation, the first picture that come to mind is the iconic yellow taxi cab or the screeching silver subway… Lately though, these images compete with NYC’s newest (albeit slower) transport trends: a hipster weaving through the city on a fixie or streets crowded with pedestrians. Locals pacing quickly between errands; tourists slowly sauntering around Times Square.  According to some studies, this new focus on urban pedestrian mobility has even influenced women’s fashion trends. (Perhaps not overly scientific, but I agree from experience, I generally opt for flats vs. heels when powerwalking the streets of Amsterdam, New York or Stockholm.)

Certainly, NYC’s slow transport journey has a long ways to go before the bicycle can be called king of the Big Apple – or before it has “problems” as encountered in the Dutch cities I have become so familiar with… What to do with all those cyclists?  Still NYC has made great strides (literally) in its quest to become more cycle/ pedestrian friendly. Lest we forget, Street Films produced an excellent time-lapse video. Skeptical of New York’s progress thus far? Check it out…

Image: Brooklyn Bridge Bike Ride.


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