Climate change communication 101

I usually reserve my blog for writing about cities and urban sustainability, however I’m in the midst of the final PhD thesis crunch, writing about the connection between climate change and cities. (I’ve already warned my parents I may be a little on edge this Christmas, but what better New Year’s Resolution than: finish that thesis!)  Needless to say, climate change is on my mind.  As a disclaimer: my research has less to do with studying the causes and contributors leading to climate change, and more to do with what cities and local governments can do about it to address mitigation (greenhouse gas reduction strategies) and adaptation (preparing for the consequences) through urban planning and local policy. Now my obsession with bike lanes makes sense

Still, it’s important to be able to understand and articulate the science of climate change, especially since climate change denial remains rampant. While scientific studies (see: IPCC) are in abundance, communication strategies are also important. Below is a great video clip describing the facts of climate change. Now, it’s up to the global community to move the process forward, and in my line of work: for cities to accelerate their actions. (Speaking of, sounds like it’s time to get back to the thesis writing…)

In other news: the UN Climate Change Conference  (COP20) concluded in Lima, Peru last week, and for the first time reached global agreement committing all countries to act on climate change. Still, controversy remains (surprisingly… on climate change!?!) on the weakness of the agreement’s final text… 

And as part two of the series, check the following “Why (some) people don’t believe in Climate Change…”

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