Get cool. Ride the bus.

How cool is it to be a passenger on the bus? Cool enough to date Ms. Uruguay apparently and have loads of fans anticipating your every move. Leave it to the Danish bus company, Midtraffik, to prove not just how cool taking the bus is – but also how cool the passengers that ride the bus are. In a follow-up of their fantastic 2013 commercial depicting “the adventure, the glamour, the impressive views…” of riding the bus, their 2015 rendition “Epic Bus – The Sequel,” hones in on the seriously cool bus passenger.

True to style, it is exaggerated full of panty dropping teenage fans, pacifier-popping babies, tattooed bikers and Molotov cocktails, but reigns in on the message: public transport is cool, as are its riders.

So get cool, get on the bus.

More info can be found on The Atlantic’s Citylab.

To see the original video, check the 2013 blog entry.


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