How many objects, people, pets… can one Dutch cyclist carry on 2 wheels?

The Dutch are fantastic at making fun of their quirky cycle culture, while simultaneously marketing this cycle-centric city planning model as the preferred option for countless (non-Dutch) cities to follow. I have to agree: with a central focus on city cycling for transportation, together with the consequent bicycle lifestyle that emerges with it, it is  the envy of many cities…

I love this 2-part video series, produced by Bicycle Dutch, which depicts the wonderful randomness of Dutch cycle culture, simply by asking the question:

What defines Dutch cycling? 

  • Cycling Hand in Hand…
  • Cycling with Suitcases…
  • Cycling with an Umbrella …
  • Cycling with Pets…
  • Cycling with large objects…

… to name but a few of the fun and fantastic 2-wheeled scenes that one can witness daily in this cycle-crazed country! And believe me, I’ve seen most of these with my own eyes: the Dutch are really this creative on their bikes! Indeed, in my quest to cycle Dutch, I may have tried a few of these tricks once or twice myself.


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